Pietro Del Vaglio’s emotions in Bulgaria

Pietro Del Vaglio

Indelible memories, unique emotions for Pietro Del Vaglio, world-renowned interior designer for the presentation in Sofia of a unique evening of his book. << The 12 December 2019 was for me not only the day of the presentation of my book, but a moment that contained 11 years of relationships in a foreign country … Bulgaria. These cultural and working relations between Italy and Bulgaria have their origins in very distant times. The same venue where the event was held (today a prestigious contemporary art gallery) was designed by an Italian architect. The owner of the gallery, wife of a well-known entrepreneur, was thrilled to host the event and particularly touching is for me it was the public intervention made by the owner >> tells the poet of living, so called Del Vaglio, Italian excellence in the world. << I thank God every day for letting me know Pietro Del Vaglio >> Touching words especially if you think that Del Vaglio and he speak two different languages, but as always the creative design and artistic language are universal. << In addition to the family and many guests of culture and entrepreneurship, there was the presence of the director of the Italian culture institute in Bulgaria. Mrs. Domuschieva wife of the well-known entrepreneur Kiril Domuschiev was present at the event and intervened invited by Giusi Legrenzi to speak, she also underlined the reading skills I have depending on the person I am in front of, and who never like today she is perfectly understood and satisfied with the project I am carrying out for their residence >> explains Del Vaglio with great pride and deep satisfaction. Great interest from the press and TV for this extraordinary event. All in the name of elegance and class, with music played live on the piano. A unique event for true Italian excellence outside our borders


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