Interview with actor Erik Tonelli, protagonist of Italian TV

Erik Tonelli 2

Interview with actor Erik Tonelli, protagonist on TV with the fiction “Un Posto al Sole”.
You have a strong story and your own in A place in the sun. Are you happy?
Yes. I remember a summer when I was very young and to earn something I decided to do a summer job, I had to act as a night watchman for the scenography of an open-air theater: it was a scenography always deserted and without lights, but at night before the debut there were the general rehearsals and I had the opportunity to see for the first time the actors who rehearsed, the rehearsals of the lights, the show that took shape, I saw the job and all that was behind it; something snapped in me and I decided it was what I wanted to do, but living in a small town and having no knowledge in the world of theater I saw all this as a distant and unachievable dream.
Now after many years, after many sacrifices and doors in the face, I am happy to have listened to that “voice” and to have never given up on my dream.

Is your work in Upas more demanding now?
This season has more intertwining about my character, he is no longer an outsider and has a more central role, so yes, inevitably my commitment to Un Posto al Sole has increased.

How has your character changed?
He found emotional stability and decided to set priorities in his life.
The spirit of adventure has remained, but before he had no compass, now he knows what he wants and is willing to do anything to achieve it.

Are you currently interacting with multiple actors in the historical cast? How are you ? And who did you bond with most?
To be honest from the first day I was immediately involved by the actors who had been in the cast for many years, they made me feel one of them and they spoke as if I had to stay for a long time too, it was fantastic and it is every day more work with them, because there is comparison on the dynamics between our characters, we help each other a lot.
The actors with whom I have tied the most are those who are part of my storyline or Michelangelo Tommaso, Miriam Candurro and Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli.


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