Great news for D-Style, Domenico Auriemma’s Italian VIP glasses

Domenico Auriemma 2

Great news at Dstyle, the year 2020 began with a great partnership that sees the well-known
Italian brand struggling with a new adventure around the world. the milestone achieved allows an efficient and guaranteed distribution of products made in Italy in Asia, the Middle East, so much so that all international travelers will be able to find what has been considered “luxury eyewear”, in the exclusive boutiques aboard Japan airlines , Thai airways and Etihad airlines,
In fact, the presence with, is known as one of the leading online retailers in the Middle East for luxury fashion for men, women and children.
This collaboration extends into international trade with the collaboration of large financial colossals such as United Arab Bank, Al Masraf Bank, Al Hilal Bank, Indonesian Bank, Bank of Maldives and Bank of Cambodia.
The web e-commerce purchasing team has already established a loyal and faithful link with a large number of international brands, around 200 top designers contribute to distribution and participate in fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris every season. The selection is made according to the JustLounge philosophy that chooses only the products that can satisfy their precious customers.
It will therefore be possible to buy all the eyewear fashion lines already present on, dedicated to the most demanding and refined customers, as always handmade with first choice materials such as gold and precious stones and certified swaroski.
Meanwhile, the synergy continues with the author and screenwriter Debora Scalzo with a great following and success.
Congratulations to Dstyle and good trip, wishing you to look at the world wearing an exclusive pair of glasses.


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