The success story of Domenico Auriemma, the star optician



Domenico Auriemma 3Domenico Auriemma is a simple and humble optician who starts his work at the young age of 13 in concomitance with his studies, after 5 years he opens his first optical optometrist activity in Afragola in the province of Naples, gradually over the years he tries to diversify the his work projecting his clients towards unique super-personalized pieces, made entirely by hand using extremely high quality products, then gradually over the years he tried to insert them in territories where the demand for unique products is much more appreciated …

Are you talking about the launch of the Debora Scalzo line?
With the writer and screenwriter a working synergy is born after having noticed that we share a innumerable series of ideas, values, projects to grow slowly, step by step starting from the first star-shaped line born from the protagonist of her novels ” star”.

And if I tell you about the Eighth Edition of Fashion Week what will you tell me?
The eighth edition of the fashion week was the turning point because after several years the same organization has expanded and consolidated its presence in Dubai where for the first time an Arab fashion council opens the official 1422 multistore in City Walk (area of Dubai frequented mainly by the famous local) the most deeply-rooted people in the city, giving me and other international brands the opportunity to have their own annual corner … with an attached e-commerce platform and an innumerable series of events inside.

And Dubai?
Dubai … is the most beautiful country in the world for me, the place where everything is achievable, the country where those who want to work can find their space, the country where those who don’t need to work can be on vacation all year round, it is the place where the most worldwide connections are generated … it’s the most secure place in the world and it’s the place where everything works perfectly!

Many VIPs wear their glasses, some names?
If by vip we mean very important person who wear my glasses then I define all my vip customers because I am honored to see my creations worn with great pleasure, works made with so much love so much passion … I consider them all my children then whoever chooses Dstyle chooses to adopt one of my sons that’s why I call them VIPs all everyone without distinction and I thank them and I will always thank them for life


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