The great success of the entrepreneur and actor Fabio Massimo Bonini

Fabio Massimo Bonini 3

Fabio Massimo Bonini, a highly successful actor and entrepreneur is told in an open-hearted interview

Fabio, let’s start with Italian Affair. What is it about?

Italian affair was born around a table during a dinner here in Miami with American friends including a director and two producers. My friends have stimulated the idea of ​​creating a very simple format in which a true Italian could tell about Italianness as excellences of an extraordinary country. The program or rather the clips are in fact dedicated to an international audience and shot in English, in my case an English with a strong Italian accent.
After careful consideration I decided to jump into the adventure and produce this program that after a short time from You Tube (which continues to be the media used) found an outlet on television here in the United States.

What will you tell us again?

To tell obviously there is a lot. I will go further into luxury shipbuilding, one of the flagships of our country. I will still talk about excellence in food that I discovered with amazement representing only 7% of exports to the United States, unlike, for example, eyewear that accounts for 9% of exports or machinery representing 18% or vehicles 27% powered.

You have been working abroad for years. How are you?

My experience abroad as an entrepreneur coexists with that of an Italian entrepreneur and therefore it is a mix of feelings. Certainly the United States still represents the so-called “American Dream” I am a country, unlike Italy, and I am very sorry to say it, where those who want to work if they really commit can succeed thanks to an administration that supports entrepreneurship starting from a correct tax burden. Here it is really a pleasure to pay taxes because you know and daily you realize that the money is also used for the community but here I would enter a field in which I do not want to enter so I will only tell you that my experience as an entrepreneur in the United States it’s really satisfying … too bad that I’m not very young anymore … I’d like to do much more.

There is also your Balsamic vinegar. How are you doing?

My acetaia goes very well the strategic choice to produce only and only “Excellence” is starting to bear fruit. We produce only Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and condiment which means that we do not mix with the industrial production of IGP products that even remotely resembles the product of the true Modena tradition … a product that has its roots in the Modena “Estense”. In fact we are a niche in the niche and we have the honor of serving some of the best chefs in the world. Take a look at our website

And as an actor, is there any news?

As an actor I am waiting for a beautiful project by Alain Maiki, an American director with whom I worked two years ago. And then I will be one of the voices of Giuseppe Cossentino’s passions without end web radio, which has had a crazy following on the internet and social media for years. Top secret character for now!


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