Fabio Cristiano among the best pizza makers in Naples and Campania

Fabio Cristiano 3


Fabio Cristiano from the historic and excellent pizzeria Da Gennaro in Bagnoli (Napoli City) is told in this interview. Luciano Pignataro’s famous blog lists the pizzeria Da Gennaro among the best pizzerias in Naples and Campania

Fabio how did your passion for pizza and your profession come about?

My passion is born as a boy obviously seeing my grandfather and my father working in a pizzeria, and being a child you get even more passionate. And then growing this passion of mine has become a real job
Let’s talk about the Pizzaiolo School that sees you on the front line. How are you ?
>. The school engages me in a really important way with the boys and gives me a lot but together with so much work it also gives us a lot of satisfaction. This happens because in addition to teaching these children and transferring a job to them, with passion and love for what they do, we try to give them the possibility of a job placement. It is an important commitment but with many satisfactions.
What exactly do they learn?
The school is a course of Neapolitan pizza then in direct doughs, with a long rising at a controlled temperature, a mixed temperature then fridge and room temperature, and in this course we also do a quick dough then the classic espresso dough. The management of the wood-fired oven, the temperature management and everything related to the 360 ​​degree pizza, then spreading, impaling, baking and baking

What advice do you have for those who want to get closer to this job?

I recommend the passion, the will, not to appear in this world just because there are so many requests but because there is so much passion. Because in addition to being a job that gives you economic satisfactions, it also requires a lot of sacrifices and if you don’t love what you do then you can’t keep up with these rhythms
Your pizza really like it. Do we reveal any secrets?
> there is no real secret. There is a lot of study of quality raw materials, artisanal doughs, lots of passion, lots of love and sacrifices behind our pizza. When they say “and that I want to do Na pizz?” It’s not that simple

Future projects?

Many . Let’s say that for me the projects are born continuously and jump out one after the other. The next one will be Cortina d’Ampezzo, then the end of June Romania, most probably in October in Lebanon, November Shangai so there are always projects in progress and we then have a great project, a dream that will come true. BUT now it’s too early to talk about it.


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