Alviero Rodriguez, prestigious line of partner bags of the Miss Europe Continental 2019 competition



Miss Europe Continental 2019, the great international event of Alberto Cerqua, has a new, unique, innovative and creative partner, here is the line of Alviero Rodriguez bags.

• Alviero Rodriguez is gaining a leading role in the fashion world: what are the
features that make it unique?
Uniqueness, innovation, creativity, provocation: this is the winning thread of Alviero Rodriguez. The uniqueness
of Alviero bags Rodriguez is enhanced and enhanced thanks to the technological innovation that allows it to
to realize, in an “instant fashion” process, the most appropriate accessory to the character and state of mind you are
wants to convey.

• Alviero Rodriguez enhances women by choosing a winning combination with Miss Europe Continental, as
is this partnership born?
born thanks to the sharing of the main values ​​such as passion for the glamor of the united international stars
to the indisputable charm of fashion.
The protagonist will always be the beauty enhanced by the personality. All combined with creative elegance, unique and
precious, of the Italian craftsmanship signed Alviero Rodriguez, will make the mix explosive.
• Which exclusive element differentiates you from the competition?
The ability to always ride the glamorous trail, interpreting and anticipating trends.
• What would you recommend to those who want to buy your own creation?
To follow his instinct, his mood of the moment, and to exalt his personality with irony.
• What woman is the woman wearing an Alviero Rodriguez bag?
The distinctive feature is always the irony, linked to a volitional and conscious character of his own personality.
• Moving instead on marketing activities, how campaigns are conceived and implemented
Here we leave a little secret … marketing is one of our strengths in this adventure. Anyway,
we follow the mood and develop the creative idea that characterizes the evolution of our collections … always
with great attention to the request of our affectionate public.
• What is the most beautiful and satisfying part of a designer’s job?
Find in small things, from feelings to the emotions that involve us, the ability to transpose them into
graphics that evoke them.
• Which of your bag production selection which make you most proud of? Which are the most requested?
Surely what we were born with, the Ketty, but the backpack stood as a must have.
• What are the plans for the future? Do you have any expectations to reveal?
Continue with important national and international events, then return to the catwalks of high fashion like this
like at the Rome and Venice film festivals.
• Social media have had a strong impact on the fashion world and how to communicate a brand, like
Does your company behave with all this? And what is the business relationship with social media?

Our strength was based, at first, almost exclusively on digital marketing. They can not
“Read”, decode, anticipate trends if the online market is not studied in depth. It’s a
too fast market that requires great skills in choosing suitable social strategies.
• What is the fundamental message of Alviero Rodriguez?
What is the company mission?
The Alviero Rodriguez product must anticipate fashions and trends.
His creations thus contain in themselves suggestions of the different cultures already projected into the future, and merged by
an energetic irony that he describes thus:
“I hope to convey all this positivity in my colors, and to ensure that creativity envelops you and conquers you
giving you, wearing Alviero Rodriguez, moments of joy and carefree.
My brand does not claim to be art but only pure joy “.


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