Fabio Massimo Bonini, a cosmopolitan actor and businessman.

Fabio Massimo Bonini 2.JPGFabio Massimo Bonini,  a well-known television actor, is now a businessman between Miami and Barbados. From the beginnings of the 70s free radio to the movie with Woody Allen. A life between fiction and a dream called the USA. Fabio Massimo Bonini, Italy – “I started working as a boy in the Ligurian free radio stations. It was a time of great ferment for the whole industry: there were a lot of places from which it was also conveyed with few means that reached so many people. If I made myself known in Liguria, in Milan I was able to assert myself on Radio Peter Flowers. From there he felt the need to study and become an actor. The step from the acting studio to the theater was short, thanks also to my master who took me step by step to this craft. She was able to make me see in the theater and I started working on “Casa Vianello”, “Grandpa Grandpa”, sitcom and advertising, which I still work today. I went into the club with the very few rumors of advertising, which gave birth to TV and radio spots. In the 1980s, there were perhaps a dozen known rumors.  I’ve lived in Milan for nearly 28 years. Lately I have grown a sense of disappointment with our country and incompatibility with my character. Whether young Milan is perfect, adult can become a nightmare.  Taking advantage of a situation where I was single, after so many years, I decided to go to the Caribbean, where I had friends. I was convinced that Barbados would be my new life without worrying about everything else. I went to the adventure, loading a container, enrolling at AIRE, pursuing entrepreneurship in Italy. In Modena, in fact, I produce the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, which I distribute to starred chefs and only in some of the best restaurants in the world.



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