L’ Orso Bianco: History and Tradition of Aversa Ice Cream

Orso Bianco2.jpg

> Passion and Innovation. These are the slogans for The White Bear, the ice cream in the center of aversa.
> The staff relies on agricultural production as a formative background, has friends from the Sorrento peninsula as councilors,
> And point to one
> Quality craftsmanship.
> From here the first steps of young Tonia Giordano, originally from Cardito and who has
> Launched its first artisan ice cream workshop in Aversa a few years ago:
> The White Bear.
> The name recalls the innate nature of the White Bears that face their own
> Existence and criticality in a propositional manner, features in which the
> Twenty – sixth Giordano in 2014 launching an innovative project, investing in
> Creativity and quality and involving the big brother Sossio in the company.
> Stubble and pepper, ready to conquer the palate of the little ones and good gusto,
> Tonia opened the business at the center of Aversa with a lab and an attached point
> Sale in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.
> The production of this ice cream is really artisanal, even for vegans and exalted i
> Flavors of the territory, with the passion for quality and for the
> Authentic products like “once” with all the nutritional properties of the raw materials that are being used.
This is through the best consortia of
> BIO FRUITS and the best companies
> Manufacturers, thereby avoiding the addition of emulsion-
> Nutrients or additives, and there is the wise use of whole fresh milk, fresh cream of animal origin, whole sugar
> And carrots and guar flours (fine flours that
> Serve to give ice cream structure


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